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Get qualified immigration leads who need your help... and tools to close them.

Each lead you buy corresponds to a request made by a user less than 1 minute before, on one of our websites, for an immigration service you offer.

How does the lead collection work?

We define together your ideal customer profile. Then, based on this description, we build customized marketing campaigns and landing pages to attract these clients.

Online advertising

We select the best channels and criteria for which we know that we can target potential customers for your immigration service.

Dedicated landing page

We build a landing page centered around the customer intent, such as moving to a specific country or leaving its origin country, to increase conversion rate and pre-qualify the lead.

Lead control

After the user replies to the qualifying questions and enters contact details, our system automatically controls the lead to eliminate fake emails, wrong phone numbers and leads that do not match your criteria.
Immigration Leads Landing Page

Why you should buy leads on immileads

Worldwide coverage

Immigration services often target persons in another country. Traditional marketing agencies usually focus on one country/region. immileads can target people worldwide or in specific countries/languages, depending on your service.

Immigration knowledge

immileads' founder created an immigration agency in 2016 and has generated leads online since then. Therefore, we understand the questions and doubts of your potential clients and how to filter people who will never pay for your immigration service.

Instant lead transfer

The best clients decide quickly. So we send you every lead less than 1 minute after they fill out the form on one of our websites. This fast transfer allows you to be one of the first immigration firms to contact them.
Immigration Leads Generation

Focus on your immigration services.
We find your future clients.

Identifying and qualifying leads requires time. We take care of this for you so you can focus on assisting your clients with their visas and immigration procedures.

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How do you generate the leads?

Most leads come from our paid advertising campaigns on:

  • Search engines
  • Social networks
  • Major online media in your target country

When relevant, we also use part of our network of sites dedicated to people moving abroad.

Why should you choose to buy leads instead of a traditional marketing campaign?

A limited risk

We agree on a fixed price per lead, so you know at the beginning what your cost will be. Traditional marketing agencies charge you per month and do not guarantee the number and quality of leads.

Scalable leads generation

Once you have tested a small number of leads, you can increase from 100 to 200, 500, or more leads per month. Meanwhile, it is much more challenging to scale campaigns outsourced to marketing agencies, which generally work with a fixed monthly budget.


You can pause or reduce the lead delivery rate if your team is overloaded. We can also agree on a delivery schedule excluding weekends or holidays.

nice to meet you!

Let's see who is behind immileads.

  • Jérémie Le Pévédic


    Based in Chile, Jérémie runs immileads and, a relocation and immigration agency in Chile. He has generated leads for his own business and other immigration firms since 2016.

Frequently Asked Questions

Need help finding an answer? Have a look at the detailed FAQ.

What is immileads?

immileads is a lead generation service for immigration lawyers and immigration consultants. We collect leads of persons interested in relocating to a new country, getting support for their visas, residence permits, citizenship applications. We can also get you contacts of human resources managers looking for assistance moving employees from one country to another.

What are the prices of the leads?

The prices vary based on several criteria: the profile of the leads required, the platform used to generate the leads and the country of origin. Contact us to get a personalized quote.

Can I set criteria (country, visa type, situation, etc.) for the leads?

Yes, you can decide to target only profiles that match specific criteria.

What is the delay between the collection of the lead and its transmission?

We transmit the leads within 1 minute of being collected. This allows our system to automatically control the quality of each lead, notably to filter bots and fake emails.

Does the lead collection process abide by the RGPD or local privacy regulations?

Yes. Our acquisition landing pages are compliant with RGPD. If your country has specific regulations regarding user privacy, please let us know to ensure our lead acquisition is compliant.

Focus on your immigration services.
We find your future clients.

Identifying and qualifying leads requires time. We take care of this for you so you can focus on assisting your clients with their visas and immigration procedures.

Get more leads