Frequently Asked Questions about immileads

About immileads

What is immileads?
immileads is a lead generation service for immigration lawyers and immigration consultants. We collect leads of foreigners interested in relocating to a new country, getting support for their visas, residence permits, citizenship applications, immigration issues... We can also get leads from human resources managers looking for assistance in moving employees from one country to another.
Why was immileads created?

immileads was created by Jérémie Le Pévédic, who also founded, a relocation and immigration agency for foreigners looking to relocate to Chile. After several years of generating leads online for, he got requests from immigration firms in other countries to do the same for them. This is how immileads started.

Jeremie combines his marketing experience and his deep knowledge of immigration/visas, especially the issues, fears, and questions that people have when moving abroad, to generate dedicated lead-generation funnels.

Why buy leads on immileads?

Most traditional marketing agencies focus on the following services: website design, content writing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and paid ads campaign management.

Although these services help develop an online presence, few traditional agencies guarantee you to get leads. Search Engine Optimization can take a long time to get results. Agencies doing paid ads campaigns management usually charge 15-20% of the amount spent on ads without guarantee to generate qualified clients.

immileads has a different approach. We offer NONE of these traditional services. Instead, we focus on lead generation. Therefore, we know very well what a good lead is and what a bad one is. And how to generate qualified leads through dedicated funnels that filter out the leads that do not fit your requirements.

Of course, only some of your leads will turn into appointments or sales, but we aim to keep you repeatedly returning to immileads.

About our lead generation service

What are the prices of the leads?

The prices vary based on several criteria: the profile of the leads required, the platform used to generate the leads and the country(ies) of origin.

Please start here to discuss your needs.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of leads that I can order?

The minimum number of leads for the first order varies between 25 and 100, depending on the lead type. This number is a minimum to establish initial conclusions about the quality and return on investment of the leads generated.

The maximum number of leads depends on the type of lead you require and how broad is your target market. Contact us to discuss it.

How can I contract your services?
Please fill the form here to discuss your needs. We will review your requirements and then send you a quote.
How do I receive the leads?
Your leads will be available in your customer interface. We can also make them available in Google Sheets or text files, send them by email, SMS, or directly to your CRM. Let us know what suits you best.
Do I have to commit to a minimum contract duration?
No, you do not have to commit for a minimum duration. Your commitment is deposit to deposit. You send us an initial deposit corresponding to an agreed quantity of leads. You only pay for the leads you receive. Once we have delivered the leads, you decide if you want more and send us another deposit for another set of leads. You are always in control.
Can we send the leads by text/SMS? Or through online messaging channels?
Yes, we can send leads by SMS at no extra cost. Sending leads through online messaging channels depends on the platform. Let us know what works for you, and we can check.
How fast can you send the leads?

We adjust our delivery rate based on your needs and availability to work leads. For example, suppose you have a salesperson focused on replying to inquiries and closing leads. In that case, we can send a higher volume than if you are a small office without a dedicated person.

We suggest starting with a slow delivery rate to adjust your requirements, if needed, and get leads that are a fit for your business.

Remember that a lead is not a closed client but someone who has expressed interest in an immigration service you offer. You are responsible for presenting your offer, showing them how you could help, and closing the lead. When people move from one country to another, they may need time to decide, so you should ideally implement a follow-up system when someone is still planning his move.

Do you offer leads with a revenue share model?

Most of the time, no. We generally do not offer a revenue share model (in which we get paid a commission only if you close). This is due to several reasons: 1) we assume the advertising cost to generate the leads. 2) Our experience with clients who want a rev-share model is that they do not necessarily understand the amount of work required by cold leads, do not contact quickly or follow up, or "forget" to pay the commissions when they convert a lead into a client.

For these reasons, we sell most of our leads at a fixed price.

There are two situations where we could work on a rev-share:

  • you need high volume of leads (more than 1000/month) and are ok with paying the advertising cost. In that case, we could work with a management fee + rev-share.
  • when generating leads, we get a certain percentage of leads who are rejected. They are valid, but do not qualify for the visas one of our clients offer. They still need help, but may be more difficult to convert. If you are willing to work these lower-quality leads, we can do a rev-share agreement.

About the immigration leads

How do you generate the leads? Which channels do you use?
We generate most of our leads through paid advertising using Google Ads, ads on social networks, native ads, and our network of immigration and relocation websites. For each lead, we indicate a channel identification code. You can track your conversion rate per channel so we can focus on the best ones for you.
Can I set criteria (country, visa type, situation, etc.) for the leads?
Yes, you can decide to target only profiles that match specific criteria. However, being too restrictive can significantly increase the price per lead and decrease the available volume. Contact us to define criteria.
How do you ensure the leads are qualified? Do you check the quality?
All leads go through a qualifying process to filter out those who do not match your criteria. We have predefined questions depending on the type of leads required. Let us know if you have specific conditions, and we can customize our qualification process to your needs. Before sending the lead to you, we check the contact information to reduce the number of fake emails or wrong phone numbers.
How do you validate the leads?
We validate emails automatically before sending you the leads to ensure they do not bounce. Regarding phone numbers, we can have, in some countries, automatic phone validation. However, remember that it may significantly increase the cost per lead.
Can we adjust the lead quality to ensure it stays consistent over time?

Yes. You have two main options:

  1. We send each lead with a channel identification number, identifying the channel used to generate each lead. If you indicate which leads convert well and which do not, we can adjust our process to focus on the channels that work best for you and eliminate the rest.
  2. If you notice that you get a category of leads that do not suit your business, we can add a filtering question to filter them out.
Do you guarantee the performance of leads?

The leads' performance depends on the quality of the landing pages, the acquisition channel, and the marketing message. This step is our responsibility. But, an essential part of the quality is due to the lead processing. How fast do you contact each lead? How good is your salesteam at presenting your services? How compelling is your marketing message?

We do not control these factors. For this reason, we cannot guarantee a return on investment for your leads since some immigration firms will process them very well, and others much less.

Please note, though:

  1. We aim to build your loyalty in the long term, so we want your return on investment to be good on the leads we sell you.
  2. To maximize the quality of the lead, we strongly advise you to process it within 1 hour.
  3. When we start working together, you get access to a member area, with tools and guides dedicaded to closing immigration leads. We can also review your sales workflow to help you improve your closing rate.
How many of your leads will become clients?

There are many factors to consider to calculate a conversion rate. Adjusting the leads so that they match the service offer is one thing. But several other factors are to be considered:

  • What is your pricing point?
  • How do you present your offer?
  • What trust do you generate with the potential client? And which guarantees do you offer?
  • How often do you follow up with the person? Immigration leads frequently convert 6-9 months after the first contact, as the client is working out his relocation project.

Immigration companies that properly work their leads usually see a conversion rate between 10-25%. It can be better for highly targeted campaigns,, companies demonstrating excellent service, or with a high reputation in their space.

Can I reject a lead?
Yes. You can reject a lead during the first 24 hours in case of false contact information or false request. After that, an operator will contact the lead, and we will replace it at no cost if it is fake.
Do you sell exclusive leads or share them between several immigration companies?
We only sell leads on an exclusive basis. If you buy one of our leads, it is not sold to anyone else. The leads are not called by several immigration lawyers so they are more responsive.
What is the delay between the collection of the lead and its transmission?
We transmit the leads within 1 minute of being collected. This allows our system to automatically control the quality of each lead, notably to filter bots and fake emails.
Does the lead collection process abide by the RGPD or local privacy regulations?
Yes. Our acquisition landing pages are compliant with RGPD. If your country has specific regulations regarding user privacy, please let us know to ensure our lead acquisition is compliant. To be fully compliant, you must handle the leads abiding by the RGPD or your local privacy regulations once we send them to you.