Immigration leads delivered within 1 minute... And a comprehensive blueprint to close them.


Are you an immigration lawyer?

Do you want to increase your number of clients?

Then, here is a no-risk offer from immileads...

We send you immigration leads, compliant and qualified for an immigration service you offer... at a fixed pre-agreed price... less than one minute after the inquiry was made.

You get access to our member area with step-by-step guides to nurture and close the leads.

We offer you a risk-free trial of our lead generation service.

We design all the marketing campaigns, landing pages, and lead qualification process... and audit your intake/marketing to ensure you make the most of the leads we send.

Test the quality and decide by yourself. If we don't beat your cost per qualified lead, we will refund your investment, and you will keep a copy of our members' training.

Are There Any Catches?

Yes, there are two:

1. You must be willing to contact the leads within one hour maximum, and follow up consistently.

We can't guarantee success if you call/email the week after.


Leads are your future clients. They are browsing immigration websites looking for solutions and will likely contact several immigration lawyers.

Who do you think has the best shot at closing a lead?

The lawyer who calls them within minutes, while they have their immigration project in mind, and quickly follows up with a detailed action plan on how they can get their visa.

Or the lawyer who calls five days later?

Pretty obvious, right?

A Harvard study revealed that a business responding to leads within one hour is seven times more likely to have a meaningful conversation with a lead. Even 2-3 hours is already too late.

2. You must need better lead generation systems.

If we think your current lead generation is excellent and we can't beat your price per lead, we will tell you. We do not pretend to be the only agency that can give great results, especially if you have been honing your lead generation funnel for years.

But if you are among the vast majority of immigration lawyers whose lead generation campaigns aren't living up to their services' full potential, we can help you.

And perhaps you'd like to know more about this service.

What Is Immileads?

Immileads is a lead generation agency entirely focused on immigration leads. We help immigration law firms generate leads for all types of visas and permits, citizenship by descent, and citizenship by investment...

How Do We Get Results?

We are able to guarantee results because of our total approach to immigration lead generation. You may have seen some of these ideas. But the combination is what makes it effective.

Here are the key points:

1. Focusing on leads

Traditional agencies often provide a wide range of digital marketing services:

Social media management, content creation, web design, search engine optimization, paid advertising... They seem able to do anything you ask them.

We don't pretend to be good at everything. And we don't think one can actually.

That's why we do only two things: generating immigration leads + helping you convert them into clients. More on that in a minute.

It sounds simple until you list all the steps required.

There are 126 steps in our master campaign checklist. Ask for it and see for yourself.

2. Specializing on immigration

Immigration is a vast field.

There is a vast difference between asylum visas, family-reunification visas... or companies looking to invest and relocate employees abroad...

Yet, most lead generation companies consider immigration as a niche of the legal vertical, not an industry on its own. They use generic landing pages asking visitors what their immigration issue is.

The result? You get leads with random immigration issues.

That's fine if you are a generalist immigration firm. But not if you focus on specific visas.

At immileads, we start with your ideal client profile and work backward to create the campaign.

We also own specific brands for the most common types of visas, such as Asylio (asylum visa) or Love Knows No Borders (family and fiancé visas), to name a few.

3. Lead-based pricing

Immileads does not charge you a monthly retainer to "manage" your marketing campaigns.

You pay a fixed price per lead, agreed in advance.

We take care of optimizing the advertising campaigns so that we can guarantee a stable price.

Our interests are aligned.

4. Blueprint on closing + Audit

There is a big difference between referrals and leads generated using paid advertising.

Referrals are warm leads. They trust you because someone recommended your firm.

Paid leads are cold. They don't know you and don't trust you... Yet.

Most lead generation agencies get your leads.

And then you must figure out how to deal with their leads.

You are supposed to know how to do that.

Being specialized in immigration, we know what issues and concerns foreigners looking to immigrate to another country have.

We also know how hard it is to trust someone you have never met... in a foreign country...

That's why we provide you with a blueprint on how to deal with immigration leads, generate trust, and improve your conversion rate.

We audit your intake process and give you insights on how to improve it.

And the good news is that this will boost conversion on all your leads... not only the ones we send you.

5. Compliant Leads

Compliance is the most overlooked aspect of lead generation.

It can be a costly mistake.

Imagine you call a phone number on a Do-Not-Call list... or forgot the compulsory disclaimer in an email.

Fines are steep: up to 1500 USD per phone call and 51,744 USD per email in the USA. In Europe, 4% of a company's annual sales for GDPR breaches.

Do you want to risk a hefty fine to save $5 per lead?

You may have tried generating leads already

Did you run the campaign yourself? Did you ask an agency?

How did it go?

Probably not that well... Otherwise, you would not be reading these lines.

It's NOT your fault.

That's because advertising networks are increasingly opaque.

They make it difficult to figure out what is happening.

Look at Google Search refusing to show more than 50% of the keywords, grouping them under "Other search terms", preventing you from optimizing your campaign clicks effectively. Even while paying for these clicks!

No wonder it isn't easy to get results.

The problem goes beyond transparency. The game is rigged against advertisers:

In their last lawsuit, Google publicly admitted to inflating the cost-per-click for advertisers... and making the search results worse... to generate more ad clicks.

Many Google Ads "recommendations" aim at increase your spending... even if irrelevant.

Microsoft Ads too... By default, they mix low-quality search partners together with Bing searches.

All these manipulation techniques artificially inflate the clicks you pay for, generate spammy leads, and increase your cost per qualified, responsive lead.

Why is that?

80% of Google's revenues come from selling advertising. Fighting "too hard" would decrease their revenues.

Shall you start in 2024?

16% of the world population would like to move if they could, according to the 2021 World Poll by Gallup. That's more than 900 million people!

How do you get these clients?

76% of people search online when they need the service of a lawyer.

This is especially true when immigrating to a new country...

They won't travel just to meet a lawyer.

By generating leads online, you can reach leads in their country of origin...

You can guide them from the beginning of their journey... Develop a trusting relationship that will pay off during their stay.

Interested? Don't delay, online advertising costs are increasing year after year, so the earlier you start, the cheapest it is going to be.

Why should we work together?

As immileads founder, I could flash all my nice-looking marketing certifications: Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, LinkedIn Ads, Outbrain... Here they are if you want them.

But let me tell you a story instead.

You see, I have owned a relocation and immigration company in Chile ( since 2016.

Every week, I answer inquiries of foreigners looking for residency visas, or willing to get a second citizenship.

Every month, I file visa applications with the Chilean immigration agency... and patiently reply to all their requests for more documents.

That's eight years (and counting!) spent with immigration clients, understanding their needs, alleviating their fears and designing creative solutions for each unique situation.

Just last year, I worked with citizens from (in alphabetical order) Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Cyprus, Denmark, Ecuador, France, Guinea-Bissau, Hungary, India, Israel, Mexico, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Russia, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Serbia, South Korea, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States of America.

Here is what they say:

So, if you had to choose between a generalist lead gen agency and an immigration specialist...

Who do you think will have a better understanding of your market?

One last thing: if you are specialized in a few visa categories and want to market, you are going to waste advertising budget on leads that are not interested in the visa type.

Our advantage, we can advertise broad on all visas categories, send you the leads you need, and the others to another lawyer who is working on another category. For example, not many lawyers are interested in asylum seekers, but we have some clients doing only these.

This leads to a cheaper cost per lead for everyone.

How does immileads work?

Here are the first steps:

  1. We organize a 15-minute online call to discuss your lead generation requirements and ideal client profile.
  2. We review your current lead generation and sales setup.
  3. We decide the best lead profile (type of visa, country of origin...) to focus on.
  4. We agree on a cost per lead and a first test batch.
  5. You get access to the member area so that you can start improving your offer or training your sales team.

Meanwhile, we:

  1. create a landing page tailored to the lead profile,
  2. design an advertising campaign,
  3. connect to your CRM if you have one.

When everything is ready, we launch the campaign and start sending leads.

It usually takes 1-2 weeks maximum. But it can be as fast as 4-5 hours if your intake setup is ready.

What Should You Do If You're Interested?

If you're interested in working with immileads, you can start here.

You answer a few quick questions, and we will send you more details.

Not Yet Convinced?

That's understandable.

The way I see it, you have three options:

Option #1: Do absolutely nothing and stay exactly where you are right now.

If you already have an established immigration law firm and you are satisfied with your current volume of clients...

Then maybe you don't need more leads.

But if you'd like to grow your firm or diversify your lead sources, that leaves you with two other options...

Option #2: Do it yourself.

You can try to create landing pages and design forms that entice people to reply to your questions.

Then, guess the best ad networks for your lead profile and understand how the ad bidding process works.

And understand how to filter out invalid, fraudulent, or risky leads from a compliance point of view.

If you are willing to spend a few months to design a marketing campaign and implement all controls to detect fraud, fake and uncompliant leads, you might be able to get quality leads.

If that's what you want, email me, and I will send you the list of all the steps to take so you get an idea.

Option #3: Let us do the heavy lifting for you.

We'll use proven landing page templates, optimized for fast loading and increased conversions.

We'll write the creative messages and design the advertising campaigns to attract the lead profile best for you.

Meanwhile, you can focus on calling the leads following the script.


Of these three options, ask yourself...

What's going to be Easier for You?

Which solution will allow you to focus on your expertise in immigration law, helping clients to change of country and life?

Only you can decide.


Jérémie Le Pévédic
Founder, immileads


PS: I can't guarantee our services will always be available. We only sell exclusive leads. So, we can only work with a few laywers per area or lead type. If interested, start today.

PPS: If you think this service is not (yet) for you, I have written free content about immigration lead generation. Enjoy it!